ARTECH 2019 - 9th International Conference on Digital and Interactive Arts. 23-25 October 2019 - Braga, Portugal

Author FAQs

For ARTECH 2019 Authors, please carefully read this FAQ

last update 2019/09/04 12:48 UTC+1

Important information to Authors (4/9/2019)
The deadline for “Submission full/short paper final version” was extended to 9 September 2019.
The early registration date was extended to 9 September 2019.
Please consult important dates section.

Questions about submissions:

Template for Proceedings? Where should I send the final document?

All authors whose submissions have been accepted should present their final submission using the conference template (available at in both MS Word and PDF formats (two separate files), integrating the remarks made by the reviewers.

First step:
In order to prepare the ACM Proceedings, please reply the acceptance email message (sent by ) as soon as possible with the following details:

“PaperType”,”Title”,”LeadAuthor:Affiliation;Author2:Affiliation;Author3:Affiliation;etc.”, “LeadAuthorE-mail”,”Author e-mail;Author e-mail”

“Full Paper”,”This is a Sample Title”,”Adrienne Griscti:Association for Computing Machinery;Craig Rodkin:Peace University;John Smith:Hunter Corp.”,””,”;”

PaperType is either “Full Paper”, “Short Paper” or “Demo” (for artwork).

Do not change the category under which your submission was accepted unless explicitly told to do so by the ISAC (International Scientific and Art Committee) and not by the suggestion of individual reviewers.

You will soon be requested to complete a copyright form by ACM. Please do not send your final submissions before completing that form and inserting the generated block of text regarding copyright into your document.

After completing the previous step you must send both MS Word and PDF (no LaTex) files to This address is to be used exclusively for sending the final, two camera-ready files for the Book of Proceedings. Do not send the camera-ready files to any other address.

I submitted an artwork, and it was accepted by the International Scientific and Art Committee. What about the presentation of the work at the conference?

The exhibition production team will contact you later to see the feasibility of assembling your work. In any case, the work should be described in the form of a short paper, to be included in the proceedings book. Even if the work is not presented physically because of feasibility, you will always be entitled to an oral presentation of it, being able to present images, videos, during the conference.

Please pay attention that if you wish to publish the work, the content must meet the ACM template. Otherwise it will not be published in proceedings.

Questions about registration:

Is the registration at the conference mandatory?

Registration is mandatory if you wish to present your paper/artwork or have it published in the conference proceedings. Best registration prices (early bid) apply until the 9 September:
Link for registration here.
After 9 September 2019, you still can register, with a different price.

Is registration mandatory for all authors?

Registration is mandatory for at least one of the authors of each submission. The remaining authors may still register, if they wish to attend the conference.

Questions about travel and accommodation:

How to get to Braga?

We prepared a guide about how to get to Braga in the following page:

Where can I find accommodation in Braga?

We prepared a list of Hotels in Braga:

Should you have any other questions we kindly ask you to refer them to Artech 2019 Organizing Committee at